The Uganda Skateboard Union, was invited to take a part at the festival. This is Uganda Festival. It happened atKyadondo Club. Uganda Skateboard Union took their quarter pipes called Freshpark. These quarter pipe weredonated by Freshpark through Tony Hawk Foundation. He was the first to discover were Uganda SkateboardUnion which is located in East Africa. Freshpark sent that quarter pipes to the Union in order to preachthe words of Skateboarding in diffrent parts of Uganda. Right now, Kids pray to God to the wel-wishers atFreshpark for donating the ramps so that they can continue to let people know that even they can fly with theskateboards in the air. The people here know that Union kids have Magic. Yeah, Kids want to teach them howthey can fly like birds. So That’s the dream of the kids in the Union to have a ramps in Uganda. Kids are proudof their quarter pipes..