June 2012
Freshpark is proud to present our newest skatepark activation at the Rio Linda
Parks and Recreation Center. The park was added to a 55’x55’ concrete slab freshly
poured specifically to house the park. The kit includes a 4’ halfpipe, multiple 3’
and 4’ quarterpipes, funboxes, manual pads, pyramids, launch ramps and gaps.
The project was spear-headed by Wayne Lowery, Directed by Facility Director
Denis Nishihara with day to day operations lead by Michael Emami. Youth from
the community assisted with input and guidance for the final park layout to ensure
it met the riders needs. The park is open from dawn to dusk for community
participants to use. For more information contact Freshpark at 1-714-369-2495 or
visit www.Freshpark.com

“The Best of the Best….. Customer service was amazing… if you want to get
someone that knows what they are doing, go with Freshpark.”

-Michael Emami, Project Manager, Rio Linda Parks and Rec.