Freshpark partners with Outer Reef and Rhythms.  New brand in the Caribbean seeks to build the sceen and improve the lives of their community.  

"The first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago; Outer Reef & Rhythms is a company dedicated to Skateboarding, BMX Riding, Surfing, Inline Skating, Scooter Riding and Environmental Awareness. It is Outer Reef & Rhythms’ mission to develop these sports in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean to meet current international standards. We seek to create a united community connected by a love for extreme sports. Our focus is centered on the younger members of the population as we aim to harness and promote a culture of individuality and creativity through sport. More so, we seek to enable individuals with a medium to express themselves through a positive force in a nationwide fight against crime and injustice.

In addition to promoting sport in the areas mentioned, Outer Reef & Rhythms introduced its own brand of Skateboards and Clothing line; one of the first sporting companies in the Caribbean to do so. The Outer Reef & Rhythms launch event recently held in Trinidad and Tobago focused particularly on promoting the fields of Skateboarding and BMX riding through a series of Skateboarding and BMX riding contests. A total prize purse of $35,000.00 was given away at the event."

-Founder Damien M.

Images of the set up: