Darkstar/Viking Boards, Pads and Helmets

Freshpark Australia provides Darkstar hardwood maple boards and Viking protective pads and helmets.  Freshpark Australia is also fully stocked with all of Freshparks latest products including the Mike V Ultimate Grind Kit and the Ricky Johnson Jump Ramp!

Eco friendly skate bowl


Playground Parks has been providing eco friendly options since the start using materials like Plantation Pine for the ramps.  Freshpark products are made out of recyclable materials, and have recycled steel and polymers used in manufacturing.    

Mega Jump to foam pit 


Playground Parks very own Mega Jump into a foam pit!


Some more pictures from inside the park...

Playgrounds Park fully stocked with Freshpark product!

Good or bad idea? You be the judge

Side view of the Mega Jump ramp into foam pit

Freshpark ramps and rails ready for action