Skatepark Clients

The growth and direction of International Sports has shifted. Some how, without the general team sports population realizing it, Skateboarding & Scootering has become more main stream then baseball. The young athletes of today are fast paced, are willing to risk it all, taking full responsibility for their triumphs, and their failures, without a team member squelching their individual efforts.

With over 11 million skateboards being sold in the US on a yearly basis recreation centers are adopting skateboarding as there primary activity. Freshpark had been predicting this would happen for over two years now and have already completed an entirely new line of Skateboard, Scooter, and BMX obstacles programs called Freshpark Civic. Using their already successful retail line of Action Sports obstacles, Freshpark Civic uses the Patented Linking & Portable technology they are famous for. Freshpark Civic comes with a new line of Kits that include Quarterpipes, Launch Ramps, Grind Rails, FunBoxes, Wedge Ramps,and Manual Pads forall ages and skill levels!

Richmond Rec Center
Army Youth
Purple Skunk
Coquitlam BC Poirier Community Center
Village of Bible Hill
Camp Timberlane
Resica Falls Boy Scouts
Glendale Sports Complex Re Verdugo Skate Park
Star After school program
Mill Road Day Camp
City of Downey
Camp Wekeela
MCCS Youth Sports Department (Miramar)
Summer Night Lights Office of Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa
Buckley Youth Center
Village of New Minas
Wilson First Baptist Church
Oak Crest day camp
Fort Sill Youth Center
Liberty Lake Day Camp
Camp Echo
Pine Grove Day camp
Fort Rucker Teen Center
I Don't Care Ministries
BAGC Harbor Area
Next up foundation
Camp Shohola